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“Heroes Rise is dedicated to growing the street dance community by supporting street dance artists, educating street dance students, creating opportunities for growth through street dance art forms, and connecting the street arts to all other art forms.“


“We want people, especially black children, to have knowledge of the phenomenal achievements made by young people their ages not so long ago.  We want to inspire young people by showing them a path to success through these art forms.  Letting them know that their passion can truly be their careers. Give them opportunities to travel the world sharing cultures and experiences with others not much different than themselves.”

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Director of Education Jaywan photo

Jonathan Pattiwael

Director of Education

Jonathan aka Jaywan is an international, inter-genre dance artist and teacher based in the US. Originally from Indonesia, he creates, collaborates, and shares performances that challenge cultural forces to initiate social action. He pushes towards actuality by practicing and teaching improvised movement forms from breaking/hip-hop, house dance, contact improvisation, modern/contemporary, and martial arts. He is proud to be one of a handful of street dance educators that are currently active participants in local jams, national battles, and international events. Being an actively practicing artist, he is continually improving his own repertoire of skills. His research focuses on how the relationship of participants in a performance setting (from traditional stage space to participatory hip-hop jams) represents acts of coexistence and resistance between individual and group interactions. He holds an M.F.A. in Dance from Texas Woman’s University, a B.F.A. in Dance, and a B.S. in Geographic Information Science dual Summa cum Laude from Texas State University.

Creative director Sparrow photo

Reginald Faulkner Jr.

Director  of Creative

Reggie aka “Sparrow" is a career graphic design artist with deep roots in the street dance culture.  He’s gone from being a student at the University of Cincinnati to becoming a freelance designer, educator, and mentor.  He’s worked with a variety of companies and organizations including the University of Cincinnati, Rotary International, Cardinal Health, Denison University, and more.  In addition, he’s directly connected to the street dance community and has earned respect from local and international communities.  “I believe creativity is the fruit of life from which we can all benefit.  If we can, as a community, put our minds together effectively to create, with passion and purpose, there are no limits."

Director eclypse photo

Julius Jenkins

Founder,  President

Julius Eclypse Jenkins is a street-style dance professional and has been engaged with street dance for over 20yrs.  His dance has taken him across the world teaching and performing. He's passionate about street dance art, its culture, and history.  He believes street dance is a running commentary on what's happening in the black community.  Eclypse also believes these dances should be taught more as part of American Dance History. While his primary focus is Robotic animation, he has a working knowledge of Hip-Hop, Breaking, Popping, Locking, House, and Krump.  Eclypse has performed with a variety of artists including Krs- One, Mr.Carmack, Lupe Fiasco, Herobust, Flux Pavilion, and many others. He is also the founder of Heroes Rise Street dance battle, a performance group, and now Heroes Rise Street Dance Academy.  He's currently an Adjunct Instructor at The University of Cincinnati-CCM, a teaching artist at the Cincinnati Ballet, and a program provider in the Cincinnati Public Schools.

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