In Cincinnati, there is institutional representation for all sorts of dance, except the most popular and arguably the most important dances in the world. The Street Dances. Street Dance represents culture and history at a grassroots level. Telling the true stories of people from underprivileged, underrepresented and underserved backgrounds.

Heroes Rise SDA looks to fill that void. We will provide an authentic education about fundamental street dance movement. Students will receive a 360° experience of what street dance culture is all about. From studio instruction to street performances, stage shows to the battles, students get the knowledge needed to thrive in a world with a growing thirst for street style dancers.

Current Class offerings

Elementz 1640 Race st. Cincinnati, OH

Beginner Teen/Adult Street Styles

Mon. 7pm - 8pm  $10


Advanced Teen/Adult Street Styles

Wed. 7-8pm  $10

Open Sessions

Mon. - Wed. 8 - 930pm  Free


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